• Question: What kind of things can nanotechnology do for us?

    Asked by niallthenerd to Shane on 12 Nov 2012.
    • Photo: Shane Bergin

      Shane Bergin answered on 12 Nov 2012:

      A nanoscientist is a scientist that studies really small materials – why are they interesting?? When you shrink materials down to almost the size of atoms, the behave really different to their real-world sized cousins. The difference in behaviour is something we wish to explore and exploit. For instance, if you take carbon and shrink it down to the nano scale, it becomes really strong and in certain shapes can conduct electricity super fast. By exploiting the weird and wonderful properties of nanomaterials, we can give new types of materials to engineers (but we have to understand them first).. they will use what the scientists tell them to make massive advances – like laptop screens you could roll up or a mobile phone that would never need to be charged.. all this is possible with nanotechnology