• Question: Do you have a dog??:)

    Asked by ainelynch to Andrew, Eileen on 23 Nov 2012. This question was also asked by pdarcy1.
    • Photo: Andrew Jackson

      Andrew Jackson answered on 23 Nov 2012:

      hi aine
      no, but my young son would really love one.. he hugs any dog that he is allowed near!

      I would love to get him a springer spaniel.. they are my favourite breed. but i would probably go to the pound and take a rescue puppy instead, as would like to give an unwanted dog a home.

    • Photo: Eileen Diskin

      Eileen Diskin answered on 23 Nov 2012:

      Hi Aine! Nope, not right now. I had a golden retriever when I was growing up. She was the best! I think that’s why I like animals so much now, and why I do my research on them.

      Do you have one? 🙂